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Insurance paperwork is enough to make you sick!
Most insurance companies require you to obtain authorization, known as precertification, for CTs, MRIs, PET, and some nuclear medicine procedures. Please check your insurance card to see if you are required to obtain precertification before you have your exam.

When you’re in the best of health, dealing with insurance paperwork can be confusing, and when you’re worried or not feeling well, it’s absolutely daunting. We in the SIRA billing office will do what we can to help you if you call or bring your paperwork to our office located across the street from the Imaging Center, at 429 Landmark Avenue.

SIRA is in network with the following insurance providers:

Anthem Insurance – All regular Anthem products including Wellpoint, Anthem’s parent company. Most Blue Cross/Blue Shields access the Anthem network. A very limited number of Blue Cross/Blue Shields are HMOs and do not acknowledge the Anthem access, usually out of state. (Patient should verify with their member services.) Also, insurances that use the Anthem Network “administered” by Anthem – e.g., union plans.
Aetna Student Health through Encore Network until 9/1/09
BCCP (Breast and Cervical Cancer Program)
Choice Care/Humana
CIGNA in-network through Sagamore 7/1/07, claims sent to CIGNA. Exception: CIGNA HMOs are not in-network.
Cook through IHN – Cook employees that live outside the area surrounding Bloomington/Bedford/Spencer, but sometimes do see Bloomington physicians and have SIRA services. Claims go through IHN.
Encore – Can be used by several different companies or employers.
Healthy Indiana Plans (HIP) – Administered by Anthem and MDWise.
Indiana Comprehensive Health
Indiana Health Network (IHN) – Can be used by several different companies or employers.
Medicaid – Indiana – No out-of-state Medicaid. Patient is responsible for charges.
Medicaid – Restricted – A referral from your primary care physician to SIRA Imaging or to SIRA Inc. is needed, depending where services are rendered if SIRA is not listed on web site/swipe ticket for patient. A referral to the specialist ordering the x-ray does not cover SIRA.
Medicaid Managed Care plans – NOT CONTRACTED, but the Medicaid discount is honored.
- Anthem Medicaid YRH prefix
- Managed Health Services (MHS)
- MDWise

Medicaid managed care plans require precertification for certain radiology services, MRIs, CTs, PETs, etc. They do NOT give retroactive precertification.
Medical Mutual
Medicare – Medicare-managed care or replacements (eg, Unicare, Humana Gold Choice, Anthem, etc.)
Medicare / Railroad Medicare
Sagamore – Used by several different companies or employers – card should list Sagamore on it somewhere.
Tricare – Healthnet Federal Services, for active service members and families, and Wisconsin Physicians-Tricare for Life (retirees)
Unicare – Through Anthem contract, claims filed to Unicare.
United Healthcare
Veterans – Not contracted, but the VA discount is honored if visit approved by Veterans
VIM – For Hospital Services only. ER visits not covered under VIM unless sent to ER by VIM. VIM patients are not seen at Imaging Center (exception: mammograms, etc., patient should have paperwork).

We know, the billing paperwork can be confusing, too.
After your services, you will receive an invoice from SIRA. If the services you received were conducted at Bloomington Hospital, Bloomington Hospital of Orange County or Dunn Memorial Hospital, you will receive a separate invoice from that organization. These are separate charges, each of which you are responsible for paying. We try to make our part of the invoicing as clear as possible, but if you have questions regarding your bill, please call the billing office.

SIRA Billing Office information
Phone 812-332-8242 or 800-951-4621
Open Monday-Friday, 8 A.M. to 5 P.M.

If you need more paperwork help than we can give you…
Patients seeking financial and insurance support should visit the Patient Advocate Foundation, a national non-profit organization.
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