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Be knowledgeable, not fearful, regarding breast health
From the time young girls understand that the development of breasts signals their entry into adulthood, women in our culture are taught to be attentive to our breasts. Today, many women worry about whether they will develop breast cancer.

Itís a reasonable worry, but not necessarily one to obsess on. According to the National Cancer Institute, women in the United States get breast cancer more than any other type of cancer except for skin cancer. Itís the second leading reason for cancer deaths among women, second only to lung cancer.

And yet breast cancer isnít the death sentence it used to be. The best defense against breast cancer is a simple three-step process: First, women of all ages are encouraged to perform monthly examinations of their own breasts,  Second, every woman should have a physician or nurse practitioner perform a breast exam once each year. And third, women should have a baseline mammogram between age 35 - 40 and an annual screening mammogram every year after that.

Advances in breast cancer detection and treatment are growing daily, and SIRA offers you the latest technologies to keep you and your breasts healthy.

The Bloomington Breast Cancer Awareness Walk
Every October, hundreds of local people gather to raise money for breast cancer research, and SIRA is proud to be a sponsor of this event. For more details, click here.
3D Digital Mammography
Breast Ultrasound
Breast MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
Breast Procedures (Biopsy and Cyst Aspiration)
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