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SIRA Breast MRI: Special attention to a specific area
Breast MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is done in conjunction with mammography, to follow up abnormalities such as nipple discharge, dense breast tissue, or a previous history of breast cancer. It is also used to check for a rupture in breast implants.

If you have not already read the general information about MRI at SIRA, please visit the SIRA MRI page.

What to expect at my appointment for a breast MRI
This exam takes about twenty minutes. A woman technologist will bring you, after your mammogram, to a room with a special exam table, where you will lie on your stomach. Your breasts will hang suspended through an opening in the table, in a special coil, and an IV will be inserted in a vein in your arm. During the exam you must remain completely motionless for the best results. A contrast solution will be injected through the IV during the exam, so the MRI may get clear images of any abnormalities.

The MRI images will be studied by a radiologist using a special computer, and the results will be forwarded to your referring physician, who will contact you with a report. If you do not hear back from your physician within two weeks, call the doctor’s office or SIRA.
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