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Nuclear Medicine Exam List
The following exams can be performed in the SIRA Nuclear Medicine Department.
- Cardiac blood pool (MUGA)
- Iodine-123 Thyroid Uptake and scan
- Technetium-99m thyroid scan
- Parathyroid scan
- Gastric emptying study
- Gastroesophageal reflux study
- Gastrointestinal bleeding study
- Cholescintigraphy with gallbladder ejection fraction
- Liver / spleen
- Meckelís diverticulum
- Renal scan with or without pharmacologic intervention
- Lymphoscintigraphy (breast or melanoma)
- Bone scan (whole body, limited, 3-phase)
- Bone SPECT
- Lung, ventilation and perfusion
- We also provide I-131 thyroid ablation for treatment of hyperthyroidism.
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