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The History of Radiology in Bloomington
The early days start with x-ray technology.
Dr. Bill Stangle and Dr. Ken Edmonds were the first board-certified Radiologists to practice in Bloomington in the late 1940s. They purchased a fluoroscope and portable x-ray units, hired Dr. Bob McCullough as their chief technologist and began practicing at the Bloomington Hospital. Drs. McCullough and Edmonds also practiced at Dunn Memorial Hospital in Bedford, Morgan County Memorial Hospital in Martinsville, as well as hospitals in Washington and Salem, Indiana.

They were joined in 1964 by Dr. Clarence R. "Mac" McIntire when they were incorporated as Southern Indiana Radiological Associates (SIRA). Because of his background in Internal Medicine, staff physicians would frequently stop by the Radiology Department to discuss difficult cases with Mac.

SIRA adds advanced techniques and subspecialization in the sixties and seventies..
In the mid to late 1960s and early 1970s the practice added Dr. Bill Hammer, Dr. Ted Megremis, Dr. Roger Reimers, Dr. Jim Ferguson and Dr Steve Bellis to our ranks. Along with these physicians came expertise in Angiography and Computerized Tomography which were among the radiologic advancements we added during this time period.

The start of subspecialization in imaging at the Bloomington Hospital began with Dr. Glenn Mather in Nuclear Medicine. He also introduced Ultrasound as an imaging modality. Though Mather was a Pathologist, he joined SIRA in 1977 because of his primary interest in imaging. In order to assist him, Dr. Jon Stafford, who had been the radiologist in charge of ultrasound at the I.U. Medical Center, joined SIRA shortly thereafter.

Cancer patients can receive radiation treatment locally beginning in 1982.
Our first Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Bharati Kharkar, joined us in 1982. Dr. Doug Widman joined the practice in 1993. In 1994, both Widman and Kharkar worked in conjunction with Bloomington Hospital to put together the state-of-the-art facility in the Southern Indiana Medical Park that contains both a 6 Mev and a high energy unit with dual photon and electron capability. The Cobalt unit was replaced by a 4 Mev Linear Accelerator in 1984 and the department was relocated to another location in Bloomington Hospital. When Widman left in 2000, Dr. David Lee joined Kharkar in the Radiation Oncology department.

CT capabilities arrive, and The Breast Center opens.
Dr. Phil Doering, who had subspecialty training in CT, joined the group in 1986. Since that time, Dr. Bruce Monson, with subspecialty training in Body Imaging, and Dr. Mark Bisesi, with subspecialty training in Chest Radiology, have also joined SIRA to add to the expertise in those modalities.

The first SIRA outpatient facility and Breast Center was built in 1988 and functioned primarily under the direction of Stafford until 1998. Following Stafford’s retirement, Dr. Steven Philips, who is fellowship-trained in both Breast Radiology and Interventional Radiology, joined SIRA. At that facility, in addition to screening and diagnostic mammography, we performed ultrasound guided and stereotactic needle core biopsies, osteoporosis screening, abdominal, obstetric and pelvic ultrasound, general radiography and gastro-intestinal fluoroscopy. In conjunction with Bloomington Hospital, we instituted Mobile Mammography in an effort to provide breast health care to more women at their workplace, church, and physicians' offices.

The 1980s bring new imaging capabilities to guide vascular and angiographic therapies, improvements in neuroradiology and musculo-skeletal imaging.
After completing his fellowship in 1993, Dr. George Wolfer joined our Vascular and Interventional Radiology department, which had been directed by Dr. Don Buehner since he joined the practice in 1981. Dr. Clarence Riley brought further expertise in Vascular and Interventional Radiology when he arrived in 1999. The department was upgraded in 1992 to include a state of the art Siemens digital subtraction unit with bi-plane angiography capability. An additional state-of-the-art interventional x-ray room was installed in 2001. Drs. Buehner, Wolfer, and Riley perform angioplasties, biopsy procedures, biliary and renal drainage procedures and numerous other therapeutic and diagnostic procedures.

Dr. Linda McKinney, fellowship trained in Neuroradiology, joined the group in 1990. At that time we were doing Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in a 0.3 Tesla mobile unit. A fixed 1.5 Tesla Siemens unit was placed in the Bloomington Hospital in 1991. When McKinney retired in 1999 we were joined by Dr. Neal Abdullah, also subspecialty trained in Neuroradiology.

Dr. Doug Geiger joined SIRA in 1993 after completing fellowship training in Musculo-Skeletal imaging, adding further to our expertise in the imaging of orthopedic disease processes. Dr. Suzanne Moffit, joining us in 2000, and Dr. Sean Flynn who joined in 2001, have further added to our imaging capabilities.

SIRA consistently expands and enhances services to better serve you.
In December 2000, SIRA moved its Imaging Center to a brand new facility in the Landmark Center that includes not only Breast Imaging and general radiology, but also CT, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine and MRI. This move enables the physicians of Southern Indiana Radiological Associates to provide the highest quality medical care and imaging for the people of our community at both the Bloomington Hospital and our outpatient facility.

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